Montañas del Fuego – Timanfaya

Las Montañas del Fuego are like a walk on the Moon on earth. They originated after the violent volcanic eruptions in the south of Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736 resulting in the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. Las Montañas del Fuego have a deserted beauty, and a range of ochre shades that astound visitors. They seem small compared to one of Manrique’s powerful and fresh pieces of art, which combines, yet again, art, nature and humankind living in harmony.

From deep down on earth, Islote de Hilario stands out, surrounded by a 200-square-kilometre sea of lava where 25 dormant craters lay. There, Manrique let his restless mind loose, and with his genius he came up with the idea of El Diablo restaurant bringing that place to life. That work of art, was the result of a extraordinary combination of humankind and nature, without a doubt, one of the most impressive pieces in the world. The furnace in El Diablo uses the natural heat of the earth to cook unique dishes right under our feet, ten metres deep, at almost 300 degrees.

Extreme heat that comes out to the surface and creates unforgettable moments for visitors. The natural and artistic landscape of Las Montañas del Fuego allows tourists to visit the Ruta de los Volcanes on special vehicles in order for the experience of seeing such wonders of nature, in this moon-like landscape, unique.

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 3:45 pm *

Recommended opening hours: From 1:00 pm

Please, note that wearing your mask is compulsory as it is not possible to assure a 1,5-meter distancing between non-cohabiting people. For further information, please see our information on Covid.

* Last visit.

Adult: 12.00 euros – 20% off from 15:00 h.

Children: 6.00 euros (7 – 12) – 20% off from 15:00 h.

Canarian Adult Resident: 9.60 euros

Canarian Child Resident: 4.80 euros

Residents in Lanzarote: 2.00 euros

Discount for people with disabilities:

 30% discount off tickets to visit the centre by submitting the corresponding certificate at the tickets office.

We recommend purchasing one of the 3, 4 or 6-centre tickets available, saving up to 12.50 €. In doing so, you will be able to organise your trip more comfortably and enjoy the work of artist César Manrique from different perspectives, combining Montañas del Fuego/Timanfaya, with other Centres of interest around the island.

Vouchers are on sale on CACT Lanzarote ticket offices. For more information about schedules, tickets and vouchers, enter into the following link.


Free car and bicycle parking facilities available, follow the instructions of the parking personnel. Cafeteria. El Diablo Restaurant. Gift Shop. Tour bus (included in the ticket price). Free Wi-fi in the Centre.

  • Mobility

Suitable for visitors with reduced mobility. This Centre is recognised as accessible by the Predif Association.

  • Families

Free access to children under 7. There are comfortable high chairs available for children at the restaurant and coffee shop. Difficult access for pushchairs. Baby carriers are recommended.

  • Pets

Pets are not allowed, except for guide dogs.

  • Visiting time

2.5 hours.

  • Dress code

Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended. Wear a hat in summer, as well as sun protection and sunglasses when you go outside between June and September. In the winter season, between October and April, bring warm clothes as it can be quite windy.

  • Photographs

We recommend photographing the geyser area, the natural oven, the statue of El Diablo and the Ruta de los Volcanes.

  • Payment

It is recommended to pay in cash

  • Others

Be careful when opening the car door in the parking area, as it is on a slope and other vehicles could be affected.

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Isla Insólita- Experience

Discover a unique island
Montañas del Fuego . Insólita

A premium experience to help you feel the volcanic strength and energy of the Timanfaya National Park. Small groups can exceptionally access areas that are usually closed off to visitors going on tours around Ruta de los Volcanes.


Alongside our unique tour guide, we will get the chance to make a stop at one of the most astonishing spots in the park, Volcán de Montaña Rajada, and hike up the path that leads to the wonderful Mar de Lava viewpoint.


After finding out aspects related to the geology and volcanism of the park in detail, and enjoying the geothermal displays showing the heat that still comes out of the volcano, we will visit “Refugio de Tinecheide”, on Islote de Hilario, the origin of what nowadays is known as the Montañas del Fuego centre. Our tour will come to an end with a tasting appetiser menu including local produce and wine from Lanzarote.

We hope you enjoy the volcanic energy of Montañas del Fuego during this Unique Experience! 

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Restaurante el Diablo- Montañas del Fuego

El Diablo Restaurant, is in Islote de Hilario, meat and vegetables are cooked on an open furnace over the volcanic rock with the heat of the volcano. There is also a cafeteria and tapas available, with a wide range of homemade small rolls.




Restaurant:* Reservations are not allowed