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Say “Yes, I do” surrounded by nature and art

Lanzarote is a unique and volcanic island. A lunar landscape with idyllic beaches. A land where nature and humans have learned to live in harmony, keeping the vision of artist César Manrique alive and making an impact on the minds of those who visit it.

Manrique’s work always stood out for aiming to integrate art into the natural environment of the island, which led to the Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of the Cabildo of Lanzarote.

The magic character that Jameos del Agua has and its spectacular volcanic tube, the charm of Castillo de San José and its exclusive restaurant at the International Contemporary Art Museum, as well as the roots of folklore from Lanzarote in Casa-Museo del Campesino and Monumento a la Fecundidad, make them all unique venues filled with nature, beauty and history.

Three fantastic spots to celebrate the most exciting day of your life.

In such a special day, every detail counts, no matter how small. Therefore, the CACT Lanzarote wedding team will take care of the arrangements, decoration, catering and everything you need in order to have your dream wedding, and for you not to have a care in the world and to be able to simply enjoy the day.

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If you’re looking for the best venue for an original and creative celebration in the midst of nature, Jameos del Agua is the right venue for you.

Jameos del Agua has the perfect mix of artistic creation and nature: a unique space on the inside of a volcanic tube that César Manrique turned into a visual poem.

Hold your big day in a venue with a restaurant and a banquet hall inside a volcanic tube, next to a stunning pool and terrace with a view to the impressive unspoiled environment of Lanzarote.


Have you ever dreamt of having your wedding in a castle? The emblematic MIAC-Castillo de San José is available for you to hold your dream wedding.

Located in the bay of Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, César Manrique turned this castle into the headquarters of the International Contemporary Art Museum in 1976.

Its fantastic restaurant, QuéMUAC, is designed to help you enjoy the beautiful view of the bay. The inside of the restaurant shows the elegant identity of Lanzarote, which is perfect when it comes to enjoying international and creative cuisine, as well as to continue on your celebration in a private and magic venue.


Casa-Museo del Campesino is the perfect venue for those who dream of having a traditional wedding, with the charm of Lanzarote as background.

This venue stands out for its Monumento a la Fecundidad, an emblematic white block sculpture created by César Manrique. Casa-Museo del Campesino represents a traditional home from Lanzarote, with white walls and green wood, the perfect balance in contrast with the dark volcanic landscape of the island.

The cuisine in Casa-Museo del Campesino combines traditional Canarian food and the latest island flavours. A celebration in perfect harmony, combining tradition and creativity.

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Wedding Planner

We know that organising a wedding means hours of dedications, and having a Wedding Planner is the key to success when it comes to decision-making, planning and anticipating everything you need, and also be able to actually enjoy the process.

We organise both, the ceremony and the wedding celebration so you don’t have to worry about anything but making sure to enjoy the day.

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The CACT Lanzarote kitchen team works with local produce every day, making traditional recipes, as well as Mediterranean and International ones in order to offer you the perfect menu options.

We put together several proposals to adapt to your celebration: from a pre-wedding menu to a welcome cocktail. We organise your lunch or dinner menu; or if you prefer, a buffet. And in case the soiree goes on for longer, we have a post dinner menu available for you.


We coordinate every little detail so after such a sweet wait, when the day finally comes, you won’t have anything left to organise. We commit to making every celebration special and to take care of everything so you only have to think about having fun during your big day.


The perfect ambiance with ornamental and floral elements, as well as personalised lighting in unique venues designed by artist César Manrique, classified as Sites of Cultural Interest.

Wedding Destination

Whether you already know Lanzarote or whether it’s the first time you have been in such a unique place, we offer you the chance to visit the island and the Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of Lanzarote at an exclusive price.