Cosas que hacer en Lanzarote el puente de diciembre

What to do in Lanzarote in December 2017

Lanzarote is a magical island, bursting with life, that captivates us all with its volcanic landscapes, white houses and the amazing work of César Manrique that we find in every corner of the island.

Work that is intrinsically represented in the Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of Lanzarote, that offer cultural and gastronomical activities to suit all tastes.

There are endless things to see and do in Lanzarote this December, whether you’re with friends, in a couple of with the family.

Tips for making this December even more enjoyable

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If you’re a sport and art lover, make sure you include the Museo Atlántico in your diary. Pack your snorkel and flippers and visit the first underwater museum in Europe. A unique adventure awaits you at the Bahia de las Coloradas (Playa Blanca), combining art and marine life, with more than 300 underwater sculptures at a depth of 12 m. If you’ve never been diving before, this is the perfect opportunity to do a 1 or 2-day course and celebrate your baptism in Museo Atlántico.

A tour of La Geria is a great day out for all the family, to enjoy the spectacular landscape of this wine region and its various wineries. When you reach Monumento del Campesino you can take part in handicraft workshops: make your own pella de gofio (sweet or savoury cereal cakes), mojo (red and green sauces) or learn to make a traditional rosette.

César Manrique created the Monumento del Campesino as a tribute to farmers and popular architecture. It serves as a welcome stopover where you can try some of Lanzarote’s fine wines and savour some typical Canarian dishes (download menu), like fried goat cheese, pella de gofio, caldo millo (corn soup), rabbit, cochino negro (Canarian black pig) and sancocho (fish stew). And if you stop by on Sundays, you can enjoy some traditional music from a folkloric group that will give you goose pimples.

The Cactus Garden is an obligatory stop if you’re in the north of the island, especially as it received the Premio Scarpa from the Fundación Benetton Studi Ricerche, for its outstanding beauty and integration with the environment. The extra special Cactus Burger available in the cafe will certainly keep the family happy, with a number of varieties on offer, including vegetarian.

A concert at the Cueva de los Verdes

Samuel Aguilar en concierto Cueva de los Verdes

Seeing a concert at Cueva de los Verdes is an incredible experience, and this December you can enjoy fine pianist and composer, Samuel Aguilar, presenting his new repertoire, ‘Night Thinking,’ a sound and light show together with artist Ildefonso Aguilar.

Visiting Cueva de los Verdes is like travelling through time, a journey to the centre of the earth, like characters in Jules Verne’s novel. There is no experience quite as magical, or unique, as visiting the caves at night. And this is only possible on special occasions, like this piano concert by composer Samuel Aguilar.

Night Thinking is a personal project in which Aguilar will perform some of his own piano compositions, as well as improvisations based on one of his most recent albums.

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Jameos Nights dinner and concert

A romantic evening at Jameos del Agua with dinner and a concert, to the sound of timple played by three of the island’s great musicians, Toñin Corujo, Alexis Lemes and Jose Vicente Ferrer. They are joined by backing artists to play different musical styles ranging from traditional to the more contemporary.

Without a doubt, this really is a different way to enjoy Jameos del Agua, with a specially designed menu and good music, to round up your well-deserved break.

An endless choice of things to do in Lanzarote in December 2017, giving you something to remember from this little piece of Macronesia, and making you feel just as fortunate as the islands themselves.