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Following the renovation of the Casa Amarilla (yellow house), former site of Cabildo, the Data Centre of the Cabildo of Lanzarote ( had the idea to create a physical space to display and capture the work which this department has made for the last 20 years, which since 2007, has included the documentation service online in the Digital Memory of Lanzarote ( The content of The Yellow House are organized by the Data Centre and it is managed by the Centres for Arts, Culture and Tourism (CACT).

Exhibitions at the Casa Amarilla

Over the past twelve months, Casa Amarilla has welcomed almost 12,000 visitors to its two temporary exhibitions. The first, “Lanzarote a través del cristal” (Lanzarote through the looking glass), had the courage to rescue a practically unknown photographer, Lanzarote’s native son Jacinto Alonso Martín. His collection has great value in terms of both the artistic heritage, due to the aesthetic quality of the images and their pioneering character, and in terms of the historical and ethnographic heritage of the island, the documentary value of a collection that perfectly portrays all walks of life, customs, spaces, clothing, economics and known figures of the island. All of this, in a temporal context where there is a shortage of local photographic backgrounds.


Author: Jacinto Alonso Martín

Author: Jacinto Alonso Martín

The second exhibition hosted in the Casa Amarilla “Celluloid Landscape. Movies filmed in Lanzarote” focuses on the combination on the island between the landscape and the feature films, highlighting a series of highly prestigious films and figures in the world of cinema who have passed through Lanzarote, such as directors Pedro Almodóvar Juan Antonio Bardem, Werner Herzog and Wolfgang Petersen; or international stars like Rachel Welch, Rita Hayworth, Omar Shariff, Alain Delon, Dennis Quaid and Penelope Cruz.

Celluloid Landscape

Celluloid Landscape Exhibition Poster with Raquel Welch

Supporting local and international talent

During its the exhibition of the Casa Amarilla also helped to promote and publicise the work of almost twenty graphic artists (photographers, video artists, designers and architects) and scholars from different fields (historians, philologists, sociologists and writers) who have participated in the exhibitions put on by Casa Amarilla and many different institutions in the Canary Islands, Spain and Europe, who have collaborated by providing material.