Espectáculo Tempo, Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote
By: CACT Lanzarote On: 20/10/2016 In: Jameos del Agua

Tempo Lanzarote is an elaborate show by the Lanzarote Classical Orchestra (OCL), and commissioned by CACT Lanzarote, which since its opening night has brought together many spectators from across the island. They now return with a piece that has required much study and discovery, uncovering old popular songs.

Beni Ferrer, Leo García Corujo (El Golpito), Nestor (Acatife), David García (Los Campesinos), are some of the voices that can be heard from the stage during this installment of Tempo Lanzarote 2016. Also, performing on the timple, we will meet Víctor Estárico from the Canary Islands, a student of Benito Cabrera, a well-known lead performer at dozens of recitals offered all across the Canary Islands.

Tempo Lanzarote is an “excuse” to celebrate the reopening of the Jameos del Agua Auditorium a year ago, a cultural experience that was initially planned to be an offering of classical and timple music, which grew into a more elaborate 3 part show displaying the history of Lanzarote: Rapto, the first part, is a musical story about the pirate excursions that took place on the island during the 16th Century, the second act, Éxodo, tells the story of the consequences of the Volcanic eruptions in the 18th Century, and the third and final act which emerged as “the tempo of life and music…. A resurgence of the island brought about by Tourism, César Manrique, and by our own respect and pride”, explained Robert Fuente, director of the OCL.


One of the features that stands out to the audience in this show is its dynamism. A combination of scenes, music and video viewing. A cultural compendium that demands a great script and musical compositions adapted to history. All of this takes place in front of a backdrop of projected images, displayed in three stages that focus on aspects ranging from pre-colonisation, to the economic impact of the islands within the European panorama.

Traditional Songs

Tempo Lanzarote returns refreshed in 2016 with new attractions enabling members of the audience who already know the plot to be able to see it again.

“We opened Tempo this year with a new piece, songs of oral tradition. We did this because once the performances from the first edition were over, we took surveys from the foot of the stage where we learnt of the audiences desire for refinement of the some parts of the show, and an introduction of new parts”, Fuentes explained.

The show returns with a greater specialisation in theatre presentation, due to there being five professional actors on the Los Jameos Auditorium impressive stage this year. Above all, it returns with musical adaptations of some parts that historian José María Godoy gathered for his compilation of regional oral traditions.

“We have taken certain stanzas from the book, and have added melody to them. There was singing and praying, of course. And I think with this show we want to be able to a tell a story and sing A Capella in a way that is different to many of the common stories told by seasoned Lanzarote countrymen”, explained the Tempo director, who doesn’t forget to mention Ayoze Rodríguez in this work of musical adaptations.

Tempo Lanzarote opened its doors last Saturday at the emblematic cavern space. Canary audiences have 5 other opportunities to enjoy some of the sessions that make up this year’s presentations. Taking place on Sundays – 30th October, 13th and 27th November, as well as 11th December and 8th January 2017.

Tickets can be obtained from the network of Centres, or HERE on this web page at a price of 35 Euros for general admission, and 25 Euros for residents of the Canary Islands. Tickets for children up to the age of 12 years old are free.  Shows are at 12.30pm. The event is also be accompanied with meal that can be enjoyed after the performance.  The meal can also be purchased directly on the website at a price of 24 Euros per person.