Symphonic Quintet Khufu-Anch at Cueva de los Verdes

Wind quintet Khufu-Anch opens the 2017/2018 season at Cueva de los Verdes (Lanzarote), with a concert this Saturday, 4 November at 20:00.

Symphonic wind quintet Khufu-Anch, will delight us with chamber music, representing the works of artists like E. Greyeg, G. Biset and M. Mussorgsky.. A unique opportunity to listen to symphonic music in a magical venue, the auditorium at Cueva de los Verdes.

Khufu-Anch was a project that arose in the chamber music class at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias (Canarian Superior Conservatory of Music) 2010 out of the restlessness of its members in the chamber music scene. With a long career, they present important symphonic repertoires, adapted to the wind quintet chamber group.

Musicians Txenen Déniz on the flute, Carlos López on the oboe, Pablo López on the clarinet, José V Guerra on the bassoon and Rúben Ortega on the trumpet, will delight us with chamber music at Cueva de los Verdes, a venue with almost perfect acoustics.

Tickets for this event are already available for purchase online and at the ticket offices of all Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of Lanzarote. Price €20 per person.

The Khufu-Anch repertoire at Cueva de los Verdes

Symphonic quintet Khufu-Anch aims to convey classic chamber music and charm their audience with adaptations of important symphonic repertoire pieces, ideal for the intimacy of a unique place like Cueva de los Verdes.

With a varied selection of symphonic arrangements which will enrapture classical music lovers, the symphonic quintet will entertain us for over an hour with classic artists such as:

  • Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Norwegian composer and pianist who is considered one of the main representatives of musical romanticism.  Click here to listen to “SUITE I,” the piece they will present.
  • Alexandre-César-Léopold Bizet, known as Georges Bizet (Paris, 25 October 1838 – Bougival, 3 June 1875), was a French composer who mainly created operas. His career was cut short by his early death, and he had few successes up until his last work, “Carmen”, which became one of the most popular and most reproduced piece of all operatic repertoires.   Khufu-Anch will play “SUITE I” (L’Arlésienne) on this occasion. Listen to it here
  • Modest Músorgski, Russian composer and part of the group, Los Cinco. One of the highlights of his work is the opera Boris Godunov and the symphonic poems “A Night on the Bare Mountain and Pictures,” which is a piece selected by the symphonic quintet, which you can enjoy here.

This truly is a full and varied programme which aims to cover different creative concepts, for the forthcoming concert season at Cueva de los Verdes. This venue makes for a unique experience that everyone should encounter, at least once in their lifetime.



 Other concerts at Cueva de los Verdes

Samuel Aguilar grabs the baton on 9 December with Night Thinking, a personal project in which he will perform some of his own piano compositions, though especially improvisations based on one of his most recent albums, “Night Thinking.” The performance will be accompanied by a scenographic montage designed and created by Ildefonso Aguilar.

Tickets for Night Thinking are already available for purchase online as well as at ticket offices at all Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of Lanzarote. Price €20 per person.

Augusto Báez has worked with Taburiente, Pedro Guerra, José Antonio Ramos and Chiquí Pérez, among others. He graduated from the M.I. Glinka de Nizhny Novogorod State Conservatory with a superior piano degree, and has created a style that instantly captivates the audience. Lovers of cool and fresh jazz can enjoy their own conception of this music on the 20 January, 2018.

David Cordero, together with Niño del Elche, will bring this venue’s season to a close with Nanas, a performance that blends experimentation, the ambiance, poetry and a flamenco touch with a certain moodiness and undeniable talent. The show takes place on 3 February, 2018.

Th@se interested in finding out more about the Cueva de los Verdes concert programme, and buy tickets when on sale, please click here.