Paula Quintana en Bienal Danza Castillo San José MIAC Lanzarote

We present you with Lancelot Gastronomy, the avant-garde Biennial offering for Qué Muac

The Lanzarote Cabildo’s Art, Culture and Tourism Centres present the first Lancelot gastronomy session, a new avant-garde initiative forming part of the IX Lanzarote Art Biennial. The Castillo de San José kitchen will prepare an exquisite menu, created especially for a night of ‘sensations and emotions,’ which will then be rounded off with a performance by one of the most valued national and international dance professionals, Tenerife’s Paula Quintana.

Lancelot gastronomy is, essentially, is an exquisite, original and attractive menu created by the Centres’ executive chef, Alberto Nieto, and his team at the Qué Muac restaurant, to be served exclusively on the night of 28 December. ‘A feast for the palate, the emotions and sensations,’ rounded off with a performance by choreographer and creator Paula Quintana, from Tenerife, one of the most valued national and international dance professionals. Quintana has gained success through her delicate, though emphatic, corporate expression, qualities that earned her first prize in the III European Contemporary Creative Woman competition in 2016, and the Special Best Emerging Artist/Creator Prize ‘for her maturity in integrating dance and theatre, with refined performances which have huge stage potential.’

On this night, 28 December, the Qué Muac restaurant will prepare an aperitif of crispy duck cannelloni with foie gras served on puréed boletus with a mojo rojo fragrance. The king prawn salad starter to follow is seasoned with mango vinaigrette, served with crispy Iberian ham and Raf tomatoes from Fuerteventura in a variety of textures. The main course consists of a choice between seabass with sautéed vegetables and potato purée or sirloin steak, vegetables and mashed potato pearls. The ‘Dulce Lancelot’ will star as the obligatory dessert. Service hours will extend from 19:30 until 23:00, and reservations will be accepted until 21:30.

From 21:00 onwards, the gastronomical experience will be further enhanced by Paula Quintana’s choreographic performance, 28º7º, a Biennial dance composition that explores the connection with the island, on a human level and from life as a simple, but at the same time, complex cycle. The creative artist from Tenerife displays her talent and ability to move on a conceptual and emotional level to engage with the public through sentiments that every one of us feels inside. The performance is free of charge although places are limited.

Those wishing to enjoy the exclusive Lancelot Gastronomy menu can book online.

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or call 901 200 300 / 928 812 321 / 928 801 500 (Ext. 152 y 123)

 Paula Quintana, dancer and creator.

This young actress, dancer and creator alternates her work with dance companies with her creative career, based on a unique language which blends textual language with visceral communication.

The artist from Tenerife began her training in classical, contemporary and flamenco dancing when she was child. After graduating in dramatic arts, she moved to Madrid to continue her studies as an actress and dancer, under the direction of well-known talents such as Yayo Cáceres, Fernando Soto, Gabriela Carrizo and Andrés Lima; with Daniel Abreu, Chevi Muraday and Carmen Werner in the area of contemporary dance, and with the masters of the emblematic ‘Amor de Dios’ flamenco academy.

As a result she went on to work in different audiovisual, theatre and dance productions, both in Spain and abroad.

Paula played a leading role in the film Cádiz, Cádiz, by Pedro Loeb, and in Amma, by Ferrán Brroks, in 2017.

She currently performs as soloist in the production We Earth, of the international Dancing for the Millennium Goals foundation (in collaboration with UNESCO and SCHOLAS), and forms part of the cast of the Pour Ainsi Dire theatre company in Paris, in Delirare and La Virtud de la Torpeza, with director Fernando Soto. She is also a stage movement advisor for La Competencia TV’s Trainspotting, 2017.

Quintana’s other performance highlights include the Grand Palais in Paris; the Royal Albert Hall in London, in Dubai, and at the Madrid Fringe Festival or Fira Tárrega, as well as a number of theatres on the national circuit.

Among her career highlights as a creator is the short piece Sueño 3, in the national RED A Cielo Abierto ‘15.

In addition, she as also participated in productions such as Pieles, in the Meyabe Festival in Congo ‘17, Find in Cagliari ‘17; Athens ‘17; Cee MAIMI ‘2016; Spain Dance Festival in Montevideo ‘15; Flamenco Festival London and Between the Seas Festival, New York, and in non-conventional spaces such as La Casa de la Portera in Madrid, among many others.