khufu-Anch in concert at cueva de los verdes lanzarote

My experience at Cueva de los verdes  Auditorium

Opportunities to go to a classical music concert are rare if you don’t live in a major city. So when I heard that there would be one at Cueva de los Verdes last Saturday, I decided to go and do something different. Listening to wonderful music inside a cave made for a wonderful night out, one I will never forget.

On this occasion, the entertainment was provided by Khufu-Anch, a wind quintet playing chamber music. Whilst I hadn’t heard much about them previously, it certainly promised to be a new experience.

A few layers of clothing and sensible shoes are recommended for this night out, as you are in the middle of the lava fields, after all. Around fifty or so people gathered around the cave entrance and we were led inside through its winding mouth.

An amazing expedition to get the auditorium at Cueva de los Verdes

Getting to the concert arena is an expedition in itself. The pathways weave through surreal lava formations. One minute you’re ducking to pass through a tunnel, the next you are in a magnificent lofty cavern. A whole spectrum of colours is enhanced by the subtle lighting. On arrival at the music arena, we take our seats and settle into an ambience similar to a cosy private nightclub.

The quintet starts to play and I was instantly amazed at how, even without the aid of microphones, speakers, or any wires at all for that matter, the sound could be so perfect. So sharp were the acoustics that I could pick out each and every one of the five instruments: the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and the trumpet.

They started with the ‘Peer Gynt Suite 1’, and I instantly recognised this well-known piece. It would normally be performed by an entire orchestra, though Khufu-Anch had adapted it solely for wind instruments, and it was absolutely beautiful. In fact, many of the pieces played during the 90-minute performance were familiar to me.

The caves are a magical place to witness any live performance, and their walls take on a different persona depending on the mood, providing a natural and dramatic backdrop. This is such a unique place that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even for the musicians themselves. They couldn’t contain their excitement at playing here, so it provided enjoyment all round!

Three more concerts lined up during the forthcoming season:

there are pianists, composers and experimental music on the agenda. I know I’m already planning my next concert, before they sell out!

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