Jameos Music festival 2017 21 July

British DJs Bobby & Steve thrill crowds at the opening of Jameos Music Festival’17

Five hundred people enjoyed a magical night with the experienced and extraordinary Kiko Navarro, one of the best DJs in Spain; an original set by the Italian Gabriele Poso and additional excitement provided by locals Yeray Tremp and José Riverol 

The opening of Jameos Music Festival 2017 exceeded all expectations. The British twins Bobby & Steve enthralled the 500-strong crowd who gathered last night at the “best open air dance floor in the world”. The atmosphere heated up when Kiko Navarro, one of the best DJs from Spain, put on an amazing end to a magical night, which also included an original and intense session by Italian musician Gabrielle Posso, and additional excitement provided by locals Yeray Tremps and José Riverol.

Everyone was looking forward to a great night full of great music. There was a unique atmosphere at Jameos del Agua that can only be experienced at a massive event such as this, where the crowds already knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience. The event also gave meaning to what César Manrique had originally intended when he transformed what was once a degraded space into “the best dance hall in the world” after he visited Jameos del Agua for the first time.

Yeray Tremp and José Riverol “were prophets in their own land” and gave it their all to raise the temperature of the night with a far from commercial and conventional set and one of their acclaimed musical journeys, one that transports you from house, funk and disco to deep underground.

For his performance, Gabriele Poso fulfilled his promise to leave no one indifferent. His original and intense set, accompanied by live instruments and with a strong Afro-Latin influence, was a welcome surprise to the crowds who experienced something unique, something special, in a place full of energy”. The Italian proved that his years in Cuba and Puerto Rico had turned him into a great musician and a true virtuoso of these rhythms.

Gabriele Poso at Jameos Music Festival 2017

Bobby & Steve jumped up to the Jameos Music Festival cabin to take the baton from Poso.  These twins, born and raised in the West End of London, did justice to their reputation and proved that they are one of the most solid and prestigious pairs in the British electronic scene. Over two intense hours, Bobby & Steve, who enjoyed their “first stay in Lanzarote”, kept their promise to deliver positive energy and gave the crowds an experience that was special and exclusive at a unique club with the best of funk and soul, many classic songs influenced by gospel and instrumental jazz and that truly unique sound that has made them so popular.

The grand finale for the night came from Kiko Navarro who, without a doubt, is one of the best house music DJs in Spain. The DJ and producer, with over 20 years as a mixing architect, concluded with an unforgettable piece, one that was so personal that it sets him out as one of the main frontrunners in the Balearic Islands music scene and opens the doors of the best clubs in the world to his music.

KIKO Navarro at Jameos Music Festival 2017

To accompany this magical night, the CACT Lanzarote designed an original cocktail menu specially designed for the event. In addition to traditional mojitos, there were other exotic and explosive flavours with names to reflect the volcanic setting, such as Mango gin blue, Eruption, Vinojito, and, the star of the night, the Jameos Music Festival, enjoyed by everyone at the event.

At 4am last Friday, the curtain came down on the first night of the Jameos Music Festival. Now the public anxiously awaits the second night, which will take place on 4th August. Specially selected performers will come together at Jameos del Agua to guarantee another memorable evening, including the duo made up of the American Mark from Clive Lowe and the Brit Omar, Mad Mats from Sweden, the renowned Dj Floro and the Lanzarote resident París Fernández.

If you plan to came this summer to Lanzarote, please check  the 3 more session in a unique place in the world, with the best Club music