Monumento al Campesino, Aprendiendo a hacer mojo picón

Living culture. That’s how one can describe the Canary workshop, developed by Estefanía González for the Monumento al Campesino Craft Centre. We decided to take part and were lucky enough to have today’s teacher, Araceli Marin, all to our selves.

Mojo Monumento al Campesino

In front of us are all of the the ingredients we’ll need along with the tools we’ll use. Garlic, salt, paprika, chili pepper, cumin, oil and vinegar. We’ll also need a knife, a chopping board, a mortar and a teaspoon.

The process begins

Araceli hands me an apron and begins to guide me through the process. We begin by cutting a clove of garlic into thin slices and placing them into the mortar, along with a little coarse salt. Grind everything together.

Here I am crushing the garlic as much as possible.

En proceso el majado Monumento al Campesino

Next we take a little cumin and a very small chili pepper.These should also be cut and placed into the mortar together with the garlic and salt.

Choose your chili pepper Arguiñano style!

Monumento al Campesino

Grind the ingredients together. Once well ground, add oil to the mortar covering the bottom completely. Add two small drops of vinegar and a touch of paprika. This time rather than grind the contents, gently mix them together.

Voila! Spicy red mojo. They’ll offer you a few biscuits for taste testing, so you can see just how well your canary sauce turned out. I know it’s not polite to brag, but mine tasted just splendid. Quite an accomplishment!

Monumento al Campesino

How to attend the free Mojo Picon workshop

Areceli told me that the workshop welcomes several participants each day. It’s is a light activity. Lasting just 10 minutes, it is easy, fun and educational. I see this for myself when an enthusiastic lady arrives with a little boy named Victor. According to his mother Victor is showing the signs of a junior MasterChef, with his excellent fideaus and rabbit with garlic recipes.

And the process begins again.

Monumento al Campesino

Her picking some cumin, as Victor grinds together the ingredients.

Surrounding the chefs is an audience of around 5 or 6 people. So nerve-wracking!

At the end we get to try the sauces. How did Victor’s turn out?

The verdict?

“Excellent, Victor”.


The Mojo Picon workshop

  • Every Sunday to Thursday between 11am and 3pm.
  • Free to participate.
  • Watch the workshop director, Estefanía González, demonstrate the entire process in this wonderful video.