Las Manos the new documentary film at Jameos del Agua

Las Manos, the new documentary film about the hands that built Lanzarote´s tourist centers.

One thing you really shouldn’t miss in Lanzarote this Autumn, is the chance to see Las Manos (‘hands,’ in English). And where better than in beautiful Jameos del Agua auditorium?

In fact, for one hour this magical cave transforms into an extraordinary cinema. So take your seats and learn about how this, and Lanzarote’s other tourist centres, came into being.

Jameos del Agua has to be on the top on anyone’s list of things to in Lanzarote. Once inside, the documentary is free to the public. Make sure you take in the centre’s awesome surroundings before watching it, so you can really appreciate the work behind the magnificent place it is today.

César Manrique: A man ahead of his time

Las Manos shows us the intriguing and arduous process involved in the creation of Lanzarote’s tourist centres. Before their existence, Lanzarote was but a rough gemstone, pure raw nature. Life was hard, the islanders toiled the land or defied the ocean to provide food for their families. There were hardly any jobs, only working for one’s own survival.

By polishing this “rough gemstone”,  César Manrique effectively secured the island’s economic future. His vision of transforming the island’s outstanding natural features into works of art has made Lanzarote the unique tourist destination it is today.

With their own bare hands

The artist was the creative mind behind the tourist centres, though he selected a team of gifted professionals and craftsmen to help make his dream come true.

Most have survived him and come together in Las Manos to tell their story. What was it like working with Manrique? How were his ideas put into practice?

The craftsmen used only used manual tools and their own bare hands. Stonemasons that carried rocks by hand, carefully fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle to form walls, floors and steps. The gardener who talked to the plants (and they talked back, legend has it). The electrician who clung to crevices in the rock to install lighting. The carpenter who sculpted and sanded everything by hand, who is now 100 years old and still counting…

Heart and soul

But what is most touching about Las Manos, is the love devotion invested by every single pair of hands involved. The pride that these islanders carry inside them to this day. Manrique provided the inspiration and the ideas, and the craftsmen breathed life into every feature of the island’s tourist centres.

Manrique inspired a generation and guided the island towards a better future. He is no longer with us though many of those involved are still here to tell the tale. Listen their stories in Las Manos at 12.30 on most Sundays throughout November and December 2017.