Joey Negro pista y cueva jameos music festival
By: CACT Lanzarote On: 29/07/2018 In: Uncategorized

For seven hours, the audience gave it all during the sessions of Djs Nickodemus, Hugo Ciprés and Joey Negro in the first session of Jameos Music Festival

On 27th July, Jameos del Agua held the first of four sessions part of this sixth edition of Jameos Music Festival. In this magic Friday night, the longest lunar eclipse and a spectacular international and local Dj session converged, in a stunning venue. Dj Spinna, Red Greg and the Lanzarote sounds of the Atlantik Sounds, are going to have it tough during their upcoming session in August because the opening session set the bar really high.

The headline was Joey Negro. On the outdoors dance floor in Jameos del Agua, he gave a display of his elegant style in the booth and wonderful repertoire, enough to show why he’s one of the most renowned and admired Djs in the music scene.

Hugo Ciprés opened the 2018 edition of our festival. The Dj from Lanzarote wanted to show some love for vinyl with a warm vibe that gradually raised temperatures in Jameos del Agua.


Nickodemus, a universal fusion



New Yorker Nickodemus took over the booth with a wide range of beats, funky, tropical, afros and other far from commercial sounds.

The dance and rhythm in the booth encouraged the audience who were giving it all. The peak of the show came with “Walking on the moon” by The Police. The audience put their hands together as they looked forward to enjoying the fun and energetic sounds of Nickodemus. The North American Dj left Jameos Music Festival with the legendary tune by The Mamas & the Papas “California dreaming”. The rest of the night, the Dj was embraced by the people who were delighted with his performance.


Joey Negro, elegance in the booth

When the festival was at its peak, Joey Negro arrived with a session that went on until four in the morning. With his extensive discography and more than 30 years in the music business, Joey Negro is still key in major festivals. At the Jameos Music Festival, he played a rare disco set, classic and vocal house, and deep house.

Before his session came to an end, he couldn’t refuse the audience’s request and played one more song. Joey Negro didn’t play hard to get, he played Sister Sledge’s “Thinking of you”. 

That was the beginning of our first Jameos Music Festival session.