Jameos Music Festival 2019  calendario

Jameos Music Festival 2019

A new edition of the Jameos Music Festival is back in 2019 with the best disco, funk, soulful and afro-house beats on the Jameos del Agua dance floor.

With  Soulful,  Afro-house, Disco and Rare Groove sounds with soul, Jazz, R&B and Word Music nuances, Jameos Music Festival has become one of the “musts” in the Canary Islands in the summer, adding to the stunning landscape of Lanzarote, which makes it one of the most appealing events of the summer in Europe.

A thorough production is the main motto of the festival, in accordance with its unique surroundings and the values of Lanzarote which are based on art, culture and nature, as well as sustainability. All of it has earned us the praise of sponsors, the press, artists and the audience, thanks to whom who sold out every time.

More than 80 international, national and local artists have been with us during the 5 previous editions. Jameos Music Festival has had renowned panel members such as Joey Negro, Dj Spinna, Kevin Yost, Terry Hunter, Bobby and Steve, Anané Vega, Mark de Cliwe-Love, DJ Spen, Victor Simonelli, The Legendary Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Mad Mats , Rhemi (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk), David Kano, JL Magoya and Kiko Navarro, among many others. The Festival has an exceptional godfather, the great John Morales, a living disco music legend who used to work in many of the well-known legendary New York venues like Studio 54, Limelight and Stardust Ballroom. He also produced some great musicians like Jocelyn Brown, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet, Aretha Franklin, and even Peter Schilling and Rod Stewart.

Jameos Music Festival ’19 is going for afro and spiritual house sounds, soulful and disco to shape an outstanding lineup with some of the best in those styles, so loved by everyone in past editions.

Jameos Music Festival is organized by the Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Cabildo of Lanzarote and the artistic direction of the production company Lost Paradise, and with the collaboration of the Group Tecnosound, Avis Canarias Rent a Car and the hotels Seaside Jameos Playa, Sands Beach Resort and Arrecife Gran Hotel.

From 21:00 to 04:00

Tickets 28th June
Tickets 19th July
Tickets 23rd August
Tickets 20th September

Why not get a lift there. There is a bus service available Arrecife – Jameos – Arrecife for €10 return, until full capacity is reached.

If you have already made a booking, remember to be punctual and be in the agreed spot before the pick up time (20:00).

We don’t want you to be left behind and miss out the Jameos Music Festival!

  • Departures: 20:00 from the ARRECIFE BUS EXCHANGER (Next to the Cabildo of Lanzarote) toward Jameos del Agua.
  • Return: 4:15 Jameos del Agua – Arrecife

Check out availability for return transfers in Jameos when the event is over.

  1. Access to the event will be through the top entrance in Jameos del Agua. If in doubt, ask our parking personnel.
  2. Whether you have printed your ticket or you have it on your mobile phone, make sure that your personal details and the QR code are fully visible since this is necessary for your ticket to be validated.
  3. Remember to bring an official form of ID in case the access control asks you for it to confirm your details.
  4. Take into account that the surface in Jameos is uneven due to the volcanic ground. Therefore, we recommend wearing comfortable footwear so you can enjoy the event fully.
  5. Check out availability for return transfers in Jameos when the event is over.

Read the change and refund policy carefully in our general conditions before purchasing your tickets.

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JMF 28 JUNIO  2019
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Tickets available exclusively on the CACT Lanzarote website.

Joe Claussell

28 Junio

Kwenya Carreira

28 Junio

Héctor Mingues

28 Junio

DJ Isaacb

28 Junio


19 Julio

Phil Asher

19 Julio

The Mighty Zaf

19 Julio

Checha Tambo

19 Julio

Marshall Jefferson

23 Agosto

Natasha Diggs

23 Agosto

Jose Marquez

23 Agosto

The PiriexPirience

23 Agosto

John Morales

20 Septiembre

Melvo Baptiste

20 Septiembre

Gizelle Smith (Live)

20 Septiembre

Ian Friday

20 Septiembre

ONEche Djs

20 Septiembre

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“The island of Lanzarote, especially Jameos, gives off an energy I don’t feel anywhere else.”

John Morales (2018 edition)

“This place is incredible, I have no words to describe it, it’s just the most beautiful thing I have every seen.”

Karizma (2018 edition)

“I’ve performed in many places around Europe and all over the world, and this event has to be in my top 3.”

Natasha Watts (2018 edition)

“This kind of experience changes your life, we’re in the middle of nature and nature is everything. Being able to DJ in a place like this is huge for house music.”

Davide Fiorese (2018 edition)

“This is a breathtaking place. First as soon as you come in, and then again when it gives you a boost of energy.”

Anané Vega (2018 edition)

“Jameos seems taken from a 1970s science fiction movie”.

Joey Negro (2018 edition)

“Understanding the beauty of this place, made by nature, and not by humans, and being able to DJ here makes me feel so much energy.”

Anané Vega (2018 edition)

“This place is incredible, when I came in I got shivers down my spine. I was speechless.”

Red Greg (2018 edition)

“Lanzarote is a magic island and the Jameos Music Festival is the perfect combination for a party with different music and a very different vibe.”

Nickodemus (2018 edition)

“There’s no other DJ booth like this one anywhere in the world.”

Marcos Flores (2016 edition)

“Lanzarote is magic, incredible, beautiful, spectacular, it’s like a fantasy land.”

Neil Pierce (2016 edition)

“This place is unique, the best spot I have ever been to. When you see this and what has been created here, it’s simply incredible.”

Victor Simonelli (2016 edition)

“This is an extremely unique and spectacular place.”

JL Magoya (2016 edition)

“The energy you get here is madness. You feel alive.”

Ziggy Funk (2016 edition)

“I had never seen a place like this. You can see photos and videos of it, but you have to be here to truly get it.”

Kevin Yost (2016 edition)

“Magic surroundings, it’s amazing to see the magic that comes from combining nature and sound.”

David Kano (2016 edition)