Cueva de los Verdes, acceso

You are about to dive into the tunnel of Atlantis, a huge volcanic tube made as a result of the explosion of the nearby Volcano of the Crown. At noon, the sun is projected onto the badlands where lichen (a little fine delicate green flower that grows on blocks of lava) and verodes that adorn the volcanic valley shine particularly sharply.


The setting imposes itself and captures the visitor who starts moving in slow motion, with unprecedented timidity, somewhat intimidated by the place. Walking cautiously, as if they were afraid of breaking the fragile scene. On the esplanade, there are those who arrive and those who have already gone through the tunnel (a tour of 50 minutes under the ground).


This juxtaposition is very revealing. The people arriving have serious expressions on their faces, showing uncertainty, while the people coming out from the cave have smiles from ear to ear, now that they know all the treasures of the tunnel of Atlantis. There are unspeakable secrets in the Green Caves. Only those who enter shall know them.

Fotos: Ramón Pérez Niz

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