By: CACT Lanzarote On: 13/01/2016 In: Jameos del Agua

One of the key ideas of the artistic genius of César Manrique comes from his ability to throw us off track and catch us by surprise. If instead of art and nature, he had dedicated himself to film, he would have been a master of suspense. It happens in Jameos del Agua, where Manrique captures the attention of visitors with his eye for detail, which seems insignificant, until at a certain point, out of the blue, that the tourist encounters this.

Jameos del Agua, lago de cangrejos (crab lake)

It is the jameo or lagoon of Jameos del Agua, which is below sea level and exists thanks to the particular underground conditions of the volcanic tunnel and the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The jameo is guarded by a huge dome-shaped volcanic mass.

If the visual impact is outstanding, you will be surprised to know that the jameo hosts life, despite the harsh conditions of the heat, moisture and lava . The blind crab colonizes its waters, seeing them is another attraction of the tour of this tourist spot

To get to know the crab:

Opening times. Jameos del Agua is open every day from 10:00 until 18:30.

Price. €9/person.

It is not the Trevi Fountain. The blind crab is delicate and particularly sensitive to copper. For that reason, throwing coins into the lake is banned.

Jameos Women is located in the northeast of Lanzarote, between the villages of Órzola y Punta Mujeres.

La fotografía de este post es de Ramón Pérez Niz.