Escena Lanzarote|Festival Artes Escénicas

Escena Lanzarote is a celebration of Art, Culture and Nature.

A set of different artistic performances celebrating the creativity of Performing Arts.An annual festival, unique in the world, brimming with emotion, fun and enjoyment.

And above all, a full experience that blends in with the Lanzarote’s cultural scene, taking the legacy of César Manrique as stage, so each of the performances can blend in with the natural stages created and imagined by César. An unprecedented celebration of Art and Nature.

Let yourself get carried away by the different plays, dance performances, circus, opera, puppet shows, mask shows, music hall and cabaret, and discover a range of performances that meet the requirements of the audience as well as the most demanding local needs using a universal language.

Lanzarote, a unique stage worldwide

The magic essence of Jameos del Agua and its spectacular volcanic tube, the charms of Castillo de San José, headquarters of the International Contemporary Art Museum, the mystery of Cueva de los Verdes and the roots of local customs in Casa-Museo del Campesino, unique places, inspired by nature and brimming with artistic beauty and history.

Four wonderful stages created by César Manrique and holding the Performing Arts events in a unique setting.



DATE: Saturday, February 15th at 21:00 h

PLACE:  Castillo de San José | Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo

DURATION: 60 minutes

GENRE: Dinner – show | Cabaret – music


Hagiografía is set up by Julia de Castro (singer songwriter) and Miguel Rodrigáñez (double bass player and composer). A jazz duet giving dramatic and musical touches to this project, always open to new commands and styles. Innovation, a combination of genres, sense of humour, taunting the audience and a good look, all of it make their live performances “irrefutable”, “risqué” and “exquisite”.

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DATES: Saturday, March 28th at 20:00 h | Sunday, March 29th at 12:30 h

PLACE: Jameos del Agua

DURATION: 55 minutes

GENRE: Theatre of gesture, Mask shows

The awarded Basque company, Marie de Jongh has turned its very own theatre of gestures into a reference model thanks to their unique mask show. Having earned a Max award for Amour, their most highly renowned performance, reflecting their permanent commitment to society through a language where words aren’t needed and the aesthetic quality leads to great beauty and emotion.

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Past Events | Escena Lanzarote



DATE: Saturday, October 5 at 20:00 h | Sunday, October 6th at 12:30 h

PLACE: Jameos del Agua

DURATION: 60 minutes

GENRE: Circus, Theatre, Dance

The renowned British circus company gets underway on stage in Lanzarote with a peculiar apple juggling performance. Nine artists perform, dance and throw fruit up in the air.
An elaborate choreography turns fun, turning British subtle humour into a liberating destruction.

Oṕera Fausto VS Mefistófeles



DATE: Friday, November 8th at 20:00 h | Saturday, November 9th at 20:00 h

PLACE:  Cueva de los Verdes

GENRE: Opera

TARGET AUDIENCE: All audiences

Based on the operas “Fausto”, by Charles Gounod, and “Mefistófeles”, by Arrigo Boito, this performance brings us a journey through a universal myth. A dramaturgy that combines pieces of both operas to offer the audience a unique approach of these two characters together. Cueva de los Verdes works as an underworld cave, which is yet another character part of the story being told. The role of Fausto is played by tenor from Lanzarote Pancho Corujo, currently one of the most promising Spanish tenors and award winners at competitions like Francisco Viñas and Iris Adami Corradetti.



DATE: Saturday 30th November at 20:00 h

PLACE: Casa- Museo del Campesino

DURATION: 3 h approx.

GENRE: Dinner – show | Indian Music – Dance


Bhakti is a touching and expressive journey through the most seducing sounds from India, where music and dance become sacred. The Bharata Natyam dance, is one of the most ancient dances in India, and the classical carnatic music from the south of India dates back to the vedas and to sacred texts. This show features dancer Mónica de la Fuente and musicians Ravi Prasad, singer, drummer and composer, and Subrata De, sitar’s instrumentalist.(Download menu).



DATE: Friday, December 27th at 20:00 h | Saturday, December 28th at 20:00 h (Sold Out)

PLACE:  Cueva de los Verdes

DURATION: 50 minutes

GENRE: Flamenco, Danza, Música


A flamenco show inspired by the poetry of the lighthouse, with different flamenco tunes and cover versions of renowned songs. A moving, talented and charismatic performance by the great bailaor Eduardo Guerrero, a connoisseur of the essence of flamenco, with an up-to-date look and a pristine technique.

ALICIA Y LAS CIUDADES INVISIBLES (Alice and the Invisible Cities)


DATE: Saturday, January 25th at 20:00 h | Sunday, January 26th at 12:30 h


DURATION: 50 minutes

GENRE: Multidisciplinary Show

Onírica Mecánica creates poetic-mechanic-imaginary worlds for anyone who loves fantasy. Alicia y las ciudades invisibles is a free interpretation of Alice in Wonderland with a multidisciplinary staging that takes a deeper look into what goes on behind the imaginary created by Lewis Carroll from a contemporary perspective.

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