La Cueva de los Verdes will be hosting a new event from the Los Conciertos de la Cueva programme on Saturday 5th November at 8pm. This is a cultural offering from CACT Lanzarote, a comprehensive and rigorous commitment to the world of classical and experimental music.

On this occasion the stars of the night will be Esther Alfonso and her team – consisting of two violinists, a violist, a cellist, a double bassist and an electric guitarist. A team purposely put together with the goal of fusing together the classical musical style with vocal jazz. Irina Peña, Juan Carlos Gómez, Macarena Pesutic, Johana Kegel, José Carlos Machado and Iván Rojas are those responsible for creating this perfect symbiosis for musical harmony, and for providing a solid basis from which flows the ethereal, brilliant and lyrical voice of Esther Alfonso, giving life to the lyrics and melodies on a tour of improvisation and good taste of the masters of pure jazz.

The Programme

Tonight’s programme consists of two parts The first and most classical part includes Fly me to the moon (B. Howard/Arr. Iván Rojas), Misty (Erroll Garner/Arr. Iván Rojas), Autumn leaves (Jackes Prévert/Arr. Iván Rojas), Indian Summer (Miles Goodman/Arr. Iván Rojas), What a difference a day made? (María Grever/Arr. Carlos A. Cedrés), Dindi (Vocalist and guitarist, Carlos Jobin) y Night and day (Cole Porter/Arr. Carlos A. Cedrés). The second, most jazz influenced part, will perform the pieces Tenderly (Walter Gross/Arr. Iván Rojas), How high the moon (Nancy Hamilton/Arr. Iván Rojas), Lemon drop (trío Jazz) (G. Wallington), Summertime (G. Geshwin/Arr. Carlos A. Cedrés), Love me (Walter Donaldson/Arr. Iván Rojas) y Mr Paganini (Sam Coslow/Arr. Carlos A. Cedrés).

A fusion of styles

Led by violinist, violist, and soloist Esther Alfonso, this concert will deliver a culmination of what has been a perfecting of the two most significant styles for this performer over a number of years. In the classical field, Alfonso is a singing teacher and has participated in choral ensembles from a young age. She became part of the professional vocal quintet Nova Vox, and was a member of the Academy of Orchestral Studies in Tenerife, and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra as both a violinist and a violist, where she currently plays the viola.

With regard to Jazz, Esther Alfonso has taken the stage to perform songs by legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James, participating in important events of this great musical genre in both Gran Canaria and Tenerife. She is considered a key figures of the representation of vocal jazz in the Canary Islands.

Purchase tickets

Concert tickets are already on sale at the at the box offices of the Centre for Art, Culture and Tourism – Cabildo de Lanzarote, at the Casa Amarilla, and here on our website., at a price of €20 per person.

Los Conciertos de la Cueva

The next date on the Conciertos de la Cueva programme will be on Saturday 3rd December.  More information can be found HERE.