Ensemble Festival Cueva de los Verdes, 2018

The quartet from Gran Canaria will play pieces from Mozart and Schumann, with a special personal touch, at Cueva de los Verdes this Saturday.

Music lovers are in for a treat with Ensemble Kegelstatt at the Cueva de los Verdes Auditorium this Saturday, 1st December at 20.00h. The group is formed by four Canarian musicians, despite what its name suggests.

Alejandro Piñeiro (violin), Lara Cabrera (viola), Juan Pablo Alemán (violoncello) and Moraya Sánchez (piano) are four young music experts who put their own personal stamp on their performances.



And despite their youth, all of them have solid careers and excellent training in the music world. The bring a special touch to their performances by adding a modern twist to a classical repertoire.

The group’s origins go back to the time when they formed part of the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, about ten years ago. “We were very young, but the idea for this group emerged back then.” We started as a trio with the violin, clarinet and piano, but later tried out different kinds of ensemble: viola, piano and violin, as well as other combinations. The four of us came together two years ago, and since then we’ve stayed together as a quartet. The truth is that the group works really well for us and really happy with the result,” Lara Cabrera explains.


Better musical education: unfinished business


The young musician feels that one of the greatest ongoing struggles for all music lovers is to take classical music to the younger generation. “It’s a legitimate ongoing struggle for anyone involved with the cultural agenda and for musicians themselves. Getting our music through to young people is really complex issue and I think the problem lies with education”, she remarks. “We need to educate children in schools so that they understand and appreciate classical music”, she points out, whilst acknowledging that some young people do get involved, but because they have attended music school, and are indeed a minority. “Our potential audience is made up of music lovers, music experts and they therefore have high expectations of the performances they choose to see. We always try to give the very best performance we can.”

Lara also points out that the soundtrack to many box-office hits, including most children’s Disney films, and based on classical music. “If children and young people don’t appreciate it, it’s very often because there’re unaware of it.” and adds, “I cannot emphasise enough that education is the key, and with the appropriate teaching it would all be so much simpler.”

Cueva de los Verdes, an added attraction



The group await you in their best finery this Saturday at Cueva de los Verdes. “This Saturday we will play Mozart’s Quartet number 1 for piano in G minor, which is the most famous chamber music, as well as the quartet with piano in E-flat major op. In my opinion, and according to experts, Robert Schumann’s 47 is one of the most difficult and most magnificent piano quartets,” she explains.

For Laura, playing in the auditorium at Cueva de los Verdes is an added attraction. “If you add the spectacular backdrop of Cueva de los Verdes to the beauty of classical music, together with the fact that we are a young group with a different approach to it, is sure to be an extra special performance”, she declares. “I have already played there with another group, and it brings me wonderful memories. I feel that this kind of festival with huge contribution to promoting classical music, and hosting them in places like this auditorium is crucial to attract a wider audience, and not just classical music lovers. Many people come to see us to enjoy something different, and on this occasion, in a extraordinary setting.”