Víctor Socas

Make your own leather keyring.

  • Booking: +34 649154570
  • Information: victorsocasoaz@gmail.com

Leather is a highly resistant material traditionally used in the Canary Islands to make different objects.

At this workshop, find out how to make your own customised leather keyring with engraved initials.

About Víctor.

His professional path has always been based on working with leather, shoes, tanning and using traditional Canarian methods, he says: “ever since I was little, I used to ask shoemakers for leftovers so I could make necklaces with it”.

Years later, he decided to train and specialise by doing courses on `How to use goat’s skin’, and he also became a certified leather artisan and got a `Tanning Certification’ issued by the Cabildo of Lanzarote.

As Víctor often says: “What matters is not giving up! Time and practise help you become a skilled artisan”.

His products are made of natural, vegetal and chromo tanning, he uses the skin of animals that have been slaughtered, to make different types of objects like saddles or objects for pets, accessories, backpacks, handbags and shoes.

He has also held workshops to teach about leather and share his knowledge. This is also his intention by taking part in MAS Campesino ”the idea is to get Canarian traditions to live on, and tell visitors about them through collaborative experiences

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