Estefanía González


Make your own pella de gofio (toasted cornmeal)

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  • Information: experimentalanzarote@gmail.com

The experience offered consists of making traditional Canarian gofio using gofio. Once the workshop is finished, you can bring your yummy and healthy pella de gofio home or you can eat it there and then. You will also take the recipe with you so you can make it again at home.

Estefania Gonzalez

 About  Estefanía González

Experimenta Lanzarote – Estefanía González

Estefanía is a very dynamic person who was interested in popular culture since a very young age. She did her final Masters project on event planning and activity design, and she used it as the basis of the company she started up in 2012, Experimenta Lanzarote.

She started gathering information by visiting elderly people and from them she got techniques, materials, ingredients, utensils, recipes, and once she had gathered it all, she made her own products, physically and audio-visually documented in order to reach all audiences, from children to young people and visitors, aiming to raise an interest and encourage the preservation of local traditions.

She started off in the Teguise market and was soon spotted by institutions like Town Halls, schools, etc., who wanted her to teach and spread the word in such an enjoyable way, often applying traditional skills for current uses.

In the past few years she has been in Casa-Museo del Campesino giving mojo, gofio, empleita and roseta workshops, as well as sometimes taking part in workshops for children and adults on specific times of the year.

Find out how to make the gofio that was used to save Lanzarote from hunger and that is now a highly valued product, used by chefs with a twist.

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