Bernardo Fernández Aka Belanuit has worked in behind a DJ booth for more than 20 years. Since arriving at Madrid a few years ago, he has not stopped working to improve and bring something different to the city’s clubs circuit. In recent years he has started to take on the role of promoter, always always scheduling artists that are far from standard with the highest quality, warmth and closeness.

Conexión Canarias interviewed Belanuit exclusively for CACTLanzarote, he will be one of the DJs at the Jameos Music Festival 2016

In your extensive musical career of over 20 years, you have worked as a DJ, producer, promoter and we have even seen that you have selected music for shops like Zara and Uterqüe.Which of these do you enjoy the most, what would you highlight for each of them and what do they give you?

Hey guys, well first of all I want to thank you for having me.

To answer your question, I think all of them because, being multipolar myself (artistically speaking), I need to do several things because if not, I would get bored. Besides, they all complement each other. I mean, being DJ also involves producing music, to be able to conceptualise spaces with music and also setting up your own parties to be able to spin what you like.

 You manage the space Me Hotel de Madrid, where the launch party of the Jameos Music Festival will take place. How do you focus the scheduling of Me Hotel Madrid?

The scheduling of ME Madrid Hotel is designed based on the personality and brand values such as luxury, quality of its products both in music and cuisine, cocktails, etc. I do not fit into one particular musical style but I can tell you that we’ll be spinning the very best of the city such as Nacho Larache, Mr. Paradise, Marcos Boricual, IsaacB, Gaspar Antuña, etc and international artists such as John Morales, DJ Maestro, Rainer Trüby, Francesca Lombardo, Corrdado Bucci and many more are going to be there.

Could we classify it as one of the places at the forefront of the current Madrid music scene?

Yes, I think so, because we are creating a new concept. Not just in the music, but also in the other content. I think that we’re taking the music to another dimension, with the cuisine, cocktails, art, etc. Culture and leisure in general I think are changing thanks to what we are doing in this hotel and elsewhere, such as in the Jameos Festival with that wonderful place.

What is the first thing you think when the last song of a session ends?

I want to keep spinning records until the end of my days. It’s what I’ve been doing for 29 years and it’s what makes me happy. Seeing all everyone enjoy sharing what I feel at the moment.

You’ve visited Lanzarote in the old Costa de Músicas, a Lost Paradise production. What music does Lanzarote inspire in you, which soundtrack would you recommend to have on in your car?

Yes, many years ago and it really was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

On that island, I would have a soundtrack full of organic sounds of Africa, but with electronic beats like Black Motion do.

What was your first thought when they proposed that you perform inside a volcano?

My first thought was to continue thanking life for giving me so many good things and letting me live doing what I love.

What does it mean to you to perform in such a magical place like Jameos? Have you thought about how you will approach the session?

It really means a lot to me. Above all else, being able to meet the people of that land again, to have another experience like I had some years ago and that also means a recognition of my career beyond the peninsula, especially considering that I play with Neil Pierce and Ziggy Funk (Rhemi), two artists who I respect and admire very much.

I will take the opportunity to spin a more soulful and afro house DJ set, as these greats of the scene will be there.

To finish up, and I know we are getting you into trouble, what rating would you give to the Line-Up of Jameos Music Festival?

Well, it’s no trouble. 10 like the top of a pine tree. This is to add and not to subtract, do not you think?

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Remember that you can buy tickets online at Touristticket and the CACT box office.