El Almacén was built on two different 19th Century houses, an example of upper-class domestic architecture in Arrecife. The building used to be the headquarters of the Arrecife Arts and Crafts School between 1933 and 1970.

In February 1974, César Manrique and Pepe Dámaso used the premises to create El Almacén, a place whose aim was to become a cutting-edge artistic and cultural hub. During the first few years, “El Almacén”, run by Pablo Bucarelli, all sorts of artists such as Alberti, Aranguren, Espert, playwright Francisco Nieva, Pierre Alechinsky, Manolo Millares, Óscar Domínguez, Ildefonso Aguilar and Antonio López, among others, gathered there.

Bar Pablo Ruiz Picasso, popularly known as bar El Almacén, opened its doors that same year, and it soon became a place for everyone to gather, a silent witness of long debates and opinion exchange sessions about any topic related not only to universal art and culture, but also anything related to the progress and development of society.
Almost by chance, Bar Pablo Ruiz Picasso became a key meeting point for the people from Lanzarote and the thousands of visitors who used to get together and have a glass of good wine and some simple but yet delicious tapas, either trying to find the solution to the problems the country was undergoing at the time, or taking the first steps toward a great work of art or writing the first verses of a poem. Peace and quiet, a good vibe and the best chats, those were always the main factors that turned this bar into what it became.

The legendary bar El Almacén has reopened its doors (2018) and it remains true to its origins, strongly determined to keep on being the art, culture, film and food hub on the island.

The bar in El Almacén has a newly updated menu with traditional Canarian recipes and a wide selection of local wines, beer and spirits, opening for everyone to enjoy.

In addition, the kitchen offers a varied nutritious daily menu with scrumptious traditional flavours for eleven euros per person.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday: 12: 30-24: 00 h

Thursday and Friday: 12: 30-1.00 h

Sunday and Monday: Closed

828 124 814


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