Ainhoa Arteta
By: CACT Lanzarote On: 16/05/2016 In: Jameos del Agua

The auditorium of Jameos del Agua puts on its best clothes to host a memorable recital. The soprano from Tolosa, Ainhoa Arteta, and the tenor and Lanzarote native, Francisco Corujo, gave the best of themselves, channeling the complicity and chemistry that characterises their stage performance, they put on a concert that will not be soon forgotten by the more than five hundred people who packed into the emblematic space.

The atmosphere of Jameos Del Agua last Saturday was different from other days: the peace, quiet and tranquility that usually reigns in the centre were momentarily replaced by the expectation and desire to see these two shining stars of the world panorama of bel canto.

And the magic started with Ainhoa

At just a few minutes past 8 pm, Ainhoa Arteta took the stage at Jameos Auditorium to open the evening program. Accompanied on the piano by the maestro Marco Evangelisti, the soprano kicked off a magical evening playing several Italian ballads by Isaac Albéniz, bringing a warmth to the knowledgeable audience, which was eager to enjoy the shows, like the one organised at the the CACT.

Ainhoa Arteta, auditorio  Jameos del Agua
Francisco Corujo con Ainhoa Arteta, Auditorio Jameos del Agua

Francisco Corujo the future

Francisco Corujo He began his recital with various Tosti choirs. And from that moment until the end of the first part of the program, tenor and soprano made an emotional and intense journey through the geniuses Verdi and Puccini.

Ainhoa and Corujo, real chemistry on stage

If the content and staging of the first part was great, we could call the second part memorable and extraordinary given that the quality of the program brought together the complicity and good chemistry irradiated by these two stars, every time they come together on stage. Francisco Corujo and Ainhoa Arteta, one from the Basque country, the other from Lanzarote, distilled rapport, mutual respect and perfect harmony. The Humility, simplicity and warmth of the man from Tolosa became apparent when, despite having dazzled on the best stages in the world, he confessed that the Auditorium Jameos “is a magical place and one of the nicest I’ve ever sung in.” That was moments before unveiling some secrets and anecdotes about his accomplice for the evening, Francisco Corujo,who he presented as one of the strongest future values in the world of opera.

A standing and warm ovation was the honest appreciation of a audience that was fully won over and served as a claim for the two interpreters to thrill the audience with a series of encores that were the finishing touch to an unforgettable night.