Ángaro the new show at Jameos del Agua
By: Esther Garsan On: 09/03/2018 In:
08/04/2018 @ 12:30 – 14:00
Auditorio Jameos del Agua
from 29€ per person
CACT Lanzarote

The huge success of the Ángaro show encourages us to continue with a new season for this wonderful interdisciplinary artistic project where popular manifestations from different places from all over the world get mixed up with pre-hispanic folklore and popular Canarian music.

Pianos, violins and French horns blend with powerful drums and other instruments, such as conches and shepherd’s flutes, and experiment with dances and voices from ancestral times.

Ángaro comes to life on a unique stage in the world, deep in the heart of a volcano: Jameos del Agua Auditorium.

Matinee dates available (12:30):   
15/04   29/04
06/05   20/05   27/05
03/06   10/06    17/06
01/07    08/07  22/07

Evening dates available on 13/07  (20:00) 

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The best gift for us are the words and feelings expressed by the people who have decided to come to any of our Ángaro performances during the past season.

Wonderful, fantastic and current. It’s all structured and synchronised, with excellent  musicians, arrangements, also a great job done by percussionists, and the two female singers. Great staging, movement and change of instruments + the lights on that unique stage of Jameos del Agua set a touching and exciting atmosphere. Congratulations and thank you for coming to Lanzarote.

José Rodríguez Artigas

I have just seen the show in Jameos del Agua..simply fantastic….I fell in love with their voices, drums, singing, violin…I fell for each and every one of you..Thank you for a Sunday full of music and magic for my ears..!!!

Evely Viña Viloria


I’m out of words to describe the work they do, how wonderfully they sing and play, how spectacular their work is and how exciting their performances. I get so emotional, and I have yet more tears to shed every time I see them. I’m speechless, I can only think of one thing to say, THANK YOU.

Raimundo García Rodríguez

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